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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Alderaan leak probed

Members of the rebel alliance are pressuring the Death Star to come forward about with information regarding the "leak" of the rebel base. This comes in the days following an investigation into the source of the leak that ultimately led to the destruction of Alderaan. The investigation states that Count "Scooter" Dooku was authorized by Galactic Overlord Darth W. Vader to provide confidential information about the whereabout of Alderaan. Now, key members of the Rebel Alliance are calling for the Death Star to release any information about the leak, and to address growing concerns about confidence in the Dark Lord.

The report says that Scooter Dooku was authorized by Darth W. Vader due to a growing rebel movement in the days following the creating of the Galactic Empire. Many say that Vader and Darth Cheney lied about the creation of a clone army, as well as intelligence claiming that the Jedi were in possession of WMD's. This intelligence led the Sith leaders to use the clone army to destroy the Jedi, a move that many within the rebel alliance say was unwarranted.

Death Star press Secretary, Droopy McClellan said that disclosure of this information was fully within Lord Vader's power, and that if anyone had any questions regarding the "leak", he was authorized by Lord Vader to choke them to death using the force, a common tactic of this administration.


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