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Monday, March 13, 2006

"Jango & Cash" Tops weekend Box office

(Kaminowood, Outer-rim)

A surprise winner at the box office this weekend was the high-paced, fast action "Jango & Cash". Only one week after the highly politicized Ackbars, it seems as though movie go-ers were after less politically active entertainment. The Action film about two rival bounty-hunters who must team up in order to take down a renegade smuggler brought in nearly thirteen-billion republic credits, as well as 2.5 million wupiupi while attracting a strong 350 million-viewers galaxy-wide.

"Jango & Cash" premiered nearly three weeks ago, but only in select theatres in the republic. This weekend marked the release to all of the planets in the republic, as well as many of the planets beyond the outer rim, as well as those planets not under the control of the Republic, including Tatooine.

Also topping the weekend charts include "The Shaggy Bantha", which brought in a 7.3 billion republic credits, "V for Valorum" with 5.4 billion credits, and "Failure to Launch" which received a higher-than expected 75 republic credits.


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