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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Empire Plans to sell Space Ports Causes Uproar

The Galactic Senate was in a fervor Tuesday, after announcements were made by the Vader Administration to allow port Security to be outsourced to an Intergalactic Alien Emirates company, Dookoo Ports. Critics say that the sale of the ports will leave Coruscant vulnerable to attack by the rogue Sith nation. Ties between the Empire and IAE have been strained in the past, with accusations that the IAE has played a part in attacks carried out against the Empire.

Galactic Senate Majority Leader Boba Frist spoke on the Senate floor this morning, demanding that President Vader halt the sale until a further review could be carried out. Frist wore his mandalorian helmet and carried a rocket while he delivered his ultimatum;
The decision to finalize this deal should be put on hold until the administration conducts a more extensive review of this matter. I am calling on the Vader administration to halt the sale of these ports. If the President fails to do so, I will introduce legislation that will allow myself to single handedly destroy the IAE.

Sen. Frist is not the first to come out against the sale of these ports. Several senators have already condemned the sale. However, Sen. Boba Frist has close ties to the Vader Administration. Last year the two worked together to lobby the galactic senate to pass a resolution that would allow Boba Frist to receive a bounty for the the successful capture of anti-Empire hermaphrodite, Cindy SheeHan Solo. Thus, the call by Sen. Frist against Vader's plan implies a strong resistance by the Galactic Senate.

Last week, Sen. Hillary Clintaun-taun also threatened to introduce legislation that would block the sale, while also creating an intergalactic socialized health care system.


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