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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kaminowood celebrates 7,456th annual Ackbars

(Kaminowood, Outer-Rim)

The celebrities were in full regalia for this evenings 7,456th annual Ackbar Awards, and while those of the surprise upset holo-film of "Crash Landing" have much to celebrate this evening, others are dealing with the bitter taste of defeat. Many thought that "Brokeback Kashyyyk" was a sure thing to win the best picture. "Brokeback Kashyyyk" is the controversial tale of two gay wookies who find love on a smuggling trip in the outer rim. "Crash Landing", the interwoven narrative of alienism on Coruscant, was an unexpected winner, despite having won several awards recently leading up to the International Empire Awards.

The full list of awards follows:

Best Motion Picture of the Year
Winner: Crash Landing

Best Performance by an Alien in a Leading Role
Winner: Sy snootles

Best Performance by a Droid in a supporting Role
Winner: k-3Po

Best sensual dance by an imprisoned Twi'lek
Winner: oola

Best documentary
Winner: March of the Jawas


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