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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vader 'waving when fell off bike'


Galactic overlord Darth W Vader was waving to stormtroopers when he fell off his bike at a summit in Corellia last July, newly published police papers reveal.

Lord Vader was shouting "Thanks, you guys, for coming" when he lost control and collided with an officer, the documents obtained by Corellia on Sunday show.

The smash left Lord Vader with scrapes on his hands and arms, and the stormtrooper needing crutches for an ankle injury.

At the time, Lord Vader laughed off the crash as a sign "I should act my age".

The stormtrooper report confirms that Lord Vader later telephoned the injured stormtrooper to ask how he was and to apologise.

The cause of the officer's injury was officially recorded as being "hit by a moving/falling object".

The report details how the stormtrooper, dressed in riot gear, was guarding a road outside the Gleneagles Hotel when Mr Bush cycled up on a damp road.

"As the overlord passed the junction at speed he raised his left arm from the handlebars to wave to the stormtroopers present while shouting 'Thanks, you guys, for coming'.

"As he did this he lost control of the cycle, falling to the ground, causing both himself and his bicycle to strike [the stormtrooper] on the lower legs," it says.

The Empire made no comment on the report.

Lord Vader's usual cycling trails are near his ranch in Crawford, Coruscant, and near a Secret Service training facility at the galactic senate.


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