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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Darth Cheney shoots friend with Blaster

Death Star spokesdroid Scott-Mc3PO was hounded by reporters today after the apparent delay in releasing information to the public about this weekends hunting accident involving Darth Cheney. In a continuation of yesterdays press briefing, reporters continued to grill the spokesdroid about when the Death Star had received the information about the accident, and whey they had waited 14 hours to enter the information into the press-mainframe, and why the information was not immediately reported to Rebel troops stationed on Endor.

The accident occured Saturday on a private ranch on the Forest Moon of Endor. The Sith Lord and a friend, J. Wittington, were hunting ewoks when Palpacheney accidentaly shot his hunting partner in the face with his blaster. Palpacheney was said to have sent a holographic transmission to Mr. Wittington from Coruscant this morning. In a further story, a press briefing from the Medical center on Endor, where Mr. Wittington is being treated, today announced that the lawyer had suffered a minor heart attack. This was later disputed by members of the Alliance, including the Senate Minority Leader from Kashyyk, on the basis that Mr. Wittington is a lawyer, a slime-breed from the Degoba System that does not have a heart.


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