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Monday, September 14, 2009

Spacecraft Quality Downslide

Corellia - Many spacecraft makers are being hounded by the public to manufacture spacecraft reminicint of the old days.

"The ships 100 years ago had sleeker lines, higher speeds, and looked just plain better!" commented a local starship dealer.

Though it is true that ships these days are more squared on the edges and have matte finishes, such as a Corellian Corvettes manufactured here, they are more efficient and less expensive than older models.

Take any of the ships manufactured on Naboo, and you can see why the shipyards on that planet are out of business. The only folks who could afford those were royalty. Not to mention the ridiculous fuel efficiency. Glossy paint and nice curves are not always the best choice.

For collectors, on the other hand, those old rigs are great! Few ships (running ships) retain their value better than those from Naboo. Due to the Naboo shipyards careful regulation of spare parts, nothing is more rare than a hyperdrive generator for a Naboo Royal Starship.

There have been talks at Corellia Shipyards to remake some of the older models and sell them as luxury spacecraft, but the board of directors aren't sure how well such a move would do in this current galactic economy.

Will we see any curves or shine on modern spacecraft anytime soon? Only time will tell.

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